Website Registration

Please read this before registering

There are two areas of the Mini Cooper Register that require a log in; the website/forum, and the membership system.


The club’s website provides a range of services; news updates, on-line viewing of CooperWorld, Club shop, the Forum and details of the club’s regions and registers.

Part of the website is viewable by anyone, but there are areas of the site, such as the on-line viewing of CooperWorld and parts of the forum that are only available to members.

The Website includes the Car Register system, you can register details of your car through the “My Cars” menu option.

The forum is an integral part of the website and can also be read by anyone. However there are restricted areas only available to members of the club.

If you wish to post to the forum and/or access the restricted areas, you need to register by completing the form below and pressing the “Register” button. Please Note: This does not give you instant access. Your registration has to be checked and authorised. This is a manual procedure so please be patient. When your registration has been authorised you will receive an email to that effect and will then be able to log in.

Membership System

The Membership system is run by the company that administers our membership and is accessed by selecting the “Membership account” option from the menu at the top of the website pages.

The membership system holds your name and address. When your membership is due for renewal, this is the system you visit to renew on-line.

The membership system log in requires your MCR membership number and the password you supplied when you joined (or subsequently changed). NOTE: The password you use here may or may not be the same as the one you use for the Website and forum.

Please do not register your car details through the Membership system, although this does display car details, it is a legacy of an old system and is no longer up to date, it will be removed as soon as possible.

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