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MPi throttle body modification (1 reply)

Graham Bichard
14 years ago
Graham Bichard 14 years ago
Graham Bichard
14 years ago
Graham Bichard 14 years ago

Right, now I've got an internet connection sorted I thought I'd put something on this new thread.

Anyone who has an MPi (or possibly an SPi - I'm not to sure) should check this out. I'd read that this was a problem so checked my Throttle body when I serviced my car and found this was the position of the throttle when wide open.


Sorry if the picture isn't too sharp, I still had the bonnet on and couldn't pull the camera any further back. The limit of the throttle is the stop next to the throttle body......so I ground it off.


Be sure to take precautions to prevent any ingress of metal/dust etc into the inlet. Hopefully you can see how I attacked the stop with the dremel type tool. I ended up with this...


As you can see, there's still a bit I could do to straighten up the flow into the throttle body but this would've involved removing bits. I didn't want to do this (I needed the car for work the next day). On the road there was a definte improvement above 3500 rpm, a bit more oomph really. It still seems to run out of breath a bit above about 5500 though :).

So go and check your's out!

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