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14 years ago
oz 14 years ago
14 years ago
oz 14 years ago


Sorry it has taken so long to write up an introduction, been busy getting college stuff done. But that's all done and out of the way for this term, so on to more important Mini stuff. 😛

The reason I asked if this type of section could be set up was basically to allow us to share information on how to do things, after all we probably all do the same jobs slightly differently and if we pulled our information together we'd have a great tutorial section for those users who might be unsure of the best way to tackle a certain job.

As I mentioned when I first posted a discussion on this - [url=http://mcr.mywowbb.com/forum51/2272.html]http://mcr.mywowbb.com/forum51/2272.html[/url] - I reckon a list of the required tools, a narrative on how to tackle the job, list of part numbers, torque settings and if you have access to a digital camera some photos should make for a great little document.

Also if required, all the information relating to a job could be complied into one PDF type document so it can be downloaded and printed out.

So, the next time you tackle any sort of repair work or even something like rebuilding an engine or gearbox - please feel free to share with the community and post it here.

At some point over the next couple of weeks, I'll be replacing Emily's wheel bearings, balljoints and tie-rod bushes, so I'll post my tuppence worth.

Please note, the Mini Cooper Register and the Mini Cooper Register Forum does not accept liability for any damage or injury resulting from the information contained within this Section. All information provided is for information purposes only - if in any doubt, please consult the relevant technical manuals.

Thanx for reading and I hope you feel you have something to contribute.


14 years ago
MPB S 14 years ago

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Great idea, 'How to' threads will makegreat reading and can save a lot of time for the uniniciated Mini Mech. me included.

I'm registered on a number of forums both Mini's and Japanese performance cars which I also have an interest in. It's always the 'How to' threads that are most popular and informative. The threads, as you suggested, are then turned in 'Articles' in a reference library for future reference. 🙂

14 years ago
dgear1984 14 years ago

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I think this is a good idea.

I have always found haynes manuals to be worth far more than weight in gold although it would be nice if they told you exactly what tools you require.

I have found tho that very little has been listed on how people have changed panels and how they would do differntly if they did it again and problems that erose.

Suppose i am biast at the mo being in the panel replacing stage.

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