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Piston rings for Hepolite powermax squeeze cast pistons (1 reply)

11 months ago
everettabmk2s 11 months ago

Hi new to this page but was wondering if anyone knows about piston rings.My question being can you say for example fit +60 rings To +40 pistons providing the ring gap is correct as when you compare the two types there does not seem to be any apparent differnce!

11 months ago
ROLI 11 months ago

No! The depth of the groove in the piston will not match and you will get such piston slap that the engine will sound like a bag of nails. After that the ring face will become "oval" and you will lose compression. Buy a set of pistons, or better still get your block to an engineering shop to have stepped sleeves fitted and run +20 pistons. Expensive, but hey, you bought a car thats worthy of being looked after!

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