Scottish Region

Who we are
The Scottish Region covers the whole of the country and we organise multiple events/meet-ups throughout the year.

We keep all members updated via email and on the forum with the latest dates and information.

The region meets at the Murrayshall Hotel, Stutts Bar, Scone. Perth, Scotland, PH2 7PH.

During the winter months we try to organise a meeting in a central location and discuss the year ahead. Once the weather improves, members are encouraged to attend as many as possible of the Scottish car events that are held….and there are many!

Our meetings and events are always well attended and some travel a huge distance to join in! One of our main shows in Scotland is the Scottish Transport Extravaganza at Glamis Castle which is a two day show. A huge number of Minis are always in attendance with other MCR regions also now beginning to join in the fun.

One key event not to miss is the Late Autumn Run organised by us in late October. It takes in some of the best roads in Scotland (some previously used on Minis to Ecosse) and staying in a hotel for 1 or 2 nights. This event has proved to be hugely popular and is well attended. Don’t miss out on this event before you put your Mini away for the winter!

For further information on the region, please contact Ben and Patricia Webb on 07834 081667, or by email at