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Rover Mini Cooper Sports LE - 1998 (1 reply)

3 years ago
Patsy 3 years ago

I would like help gathering further information on whether any of the limited production were exported? I am fortunate enough to own a UK spec vehicle with all the relevant paper work including the sales invoice and PDI and have seen a number of VERY similar cars on the web in Japan and Australia ( they had an uprated spec - including air conditioning. Were these exports or made abroad in addition to the 100 in the UK?

Thanks in Advance 


3 years ago
Coopersean 3 years ago

Hi Phil, they were in addition to the UK production numbers. Japan received many of the special edition models that Rover produced, usually in greater numbers, and with some additional colour options - red Cooper 35's or green Monte Carlo's for example. The main difference was the fitting of air con. Many cars from Japan have been exported again, some back to the U.K., but to Australia etc too.

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