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Rover Mini Cooper (John Cooper Converstion) (12 replies)

4 years ago
Alfabee71 4 years ago

Hi Does anyone have a genuine picture of the engine bay of a Mini Cooper that has been converted by John Cooper garages ?
Also were the converted heads ever painted blue ? Just need to clear up some issues before starting a renovation Thanks

Euan Laidlaw
2 years ago
Euan Laidlaw 2 years ago

After some pondering; just ordered my conversion kit (1998 MPI Sportpack). Went for the K&N cone filter rather an airbox modification as wanted the noise rather than an extra couple of horses. I may live to regret this after some motorway drives but if I wanted something quiet I would have bought another BMW 3 series . . . 

Excited for it to arrive!  Also opted for some ventilated disc brakes . . .


2 years ago
1970cooperd 2 years ago


Looking forward to seeing your car at a show at some point once you have the conversion kit fitted 🙂


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