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Fitting a bulkhead servo (No replies)

5 years ago
MGMiniman 5 years ago

I want to fit a bulkhead servo to a non servo car. It already has 8.4 discs and have a servo/master cylinder/bracket assembly. I know that the brake pedal for the servo'ed cars is different but I can't see why provided a suitable push rod is fabricated to connect the brake pedal to the servo bell crank the brake pedal or pedal assembly needs to be changed. The servo pedal has a non removable clevis pin on the actual pedal. I realise that the servo brake pedal does not have a return spring but it will be easy to cut this without removing the assembly. This function is built into the servo assembly.
Has anybody tried this? Why did Rover in their wisdom change the brake pedal? Is it that the leverage ratio on the pedal different between the two types?


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