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Dash rattle! (2 replies)

5 years ago
JWW 5 years ago

Dash rattle!
5 years ago
JWW 5 years ago

Well, owning the car for just over 3 months I'm starting to finally sort little bits to her.

It's a starting point. I fixed the rattle that was coming behind the dash board, and I thought id share my experience with everyone on here if people have the same problem.

A copy of the Haynes manual was bought to remove the dash to see where the problem was coming from.

Dash out - first job was to clean up the surrounding trim.[attachment=2:4w0s13jt]IMG_0828.jpg[/attachment:4w0s13jt]

The instrument clock, oil & battery all needed tightening, easy job - see pictures.[attachment=1:4w0s13jt]IMG_0836.jpg[/attachment:4w0s13jt]

Then I decided to clean the instrument glass on the inside - my OCD came into play.[attachment=0:4w0s13jt]IMG_0835.jpg[/attachment:4w0s13jt] - (Girlfriend didn't know I did it on the carpet ';)' )

It was a simple enough fix, I just made sure everything was tight behind the dash and I enjoyed been able to do the job myself ':D'

Hope to post a few more progress reports soon!


Sarah Voss
5 years ago
Sarah Voss 5 years ago

I've got an intermittent rattle of amusing origin... every now and again you can hear a rattle of increasing intensity. This is always shortly followed by a small stone shooting from one of the windscreen vents at great velocity. Cracks me up every time ':lol:' Maybe I should pursue the source of the stones, however.

Good job anyway. I've resolved to try and fix the rattle coming from the door card/left door in a few weeks. Nothing worse than a rattle, and the passenger continually thumping the door on long journeys ':roll:'

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