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Regional Update - Gazebos & Advice for struggling regions! (1 reply)

7 years ago
Patricia 7 years ago

Regional Update - Gazebos & Advice for struggling regions!

7 years ago
Patricia 7 years ago

Dear all,

A couple of things to note this month.

[b:1v474ef2]Is your region struggling to get numbers out to local shows?
A couple of ideas to share on ways of getting more people involved in your region. Perhaps your region can consider joining forces with similar BMC affiliated car clubs in your local area, like a local MG club. This may allow a wider base and should enable a combined force to do more and perhaps make it more viable for a region to put on events themselves and also be better able to support local shows with a respectable number.

Another idea, brought up at the AGM was to get an affiliation with the local BMW agent as the Kent region does. BMW are keen to embrace the Classic Mini these days and we do use their facilities to sponsor some of our events.

[b:1v474ef2]Gazebo and Banners – MCR Contribution increased to 75%[/b:1v474ef2]

The current MCR “on loan” gazebos are suffering from being transported around the country by courier. As they don't fit into a mini either, we always knew that these were only offered a tactical solution.

As such, we are encouraging the regions to buy their own smaller gazebo. This could then be used for local shows and MCR shows. This would save the cost of transporting the existing gazebos and would make life easier for those putting on a show, be it a local show or an MCR show. The cost of these red gazebos are just a few pounds over £300. The supplier has the club logo which will be added. They are extremely easy to assemble too! Don't forget we also have banners. They cost £200 each, but we will reimburse £100.

[b:1v474ef2][u:1v474ef2]Post our recent AGM it has been decided to reimburse a regions' spend on gazebos and / or sail banners to 75%.

Please contact me if you wish to place an order and I will provide you with the details.

Happy Easter,

If it's not something you region can afford this year, please start planning your budget for next year!

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