Regional Representative

As a Regional Representative, you have access to some extra features on the Web site.

The system holds a list of all  the members in your region, this list is automatically updated from the membership database each day.

Send emails

You can send an email to all the members in your region by selecting this link which will display a page asking for the subject and the message body. When you press the Send Email button, an individual email will be sent to each of the members in your group.

The system complies with the UK Anti-spam regulations and as such an “unsubscribe” link is added to each email sent. If the recipient chooses to unsubscribe, the system will automatically suppress emails sent to their address.

Region Members

This page displays all the members in your region, your can sort the list as you wish by clicking any of the column headings.

Against each member is an envelope symbol, if you click this, you will be taken to a page in which you can compose an email which will be sent to just that member.

The allocation of members to a region is partly automatic and partly manual, it is overseen by the Regional Coordinator, if you find there are members in your area that shouldn’t be or members that should be are missing, then please email