Region – Warwickshire


    Warwickshire Region

Who we are

Members of the region live in the geographical county of Warwickshire, stretching from Atherstone in the north (by the A5) through Stratford-upon-Avon and the North Cotswolds in the south to the A40.

Finding a venue to meet the needs of a large geographical area has proven difficult, especially with traveling during the winter months. So, we now base our gatherings around summer events such as the Prescott Breakfast Club in neighbouring Gloucestershire, which is accessible from the M5 and allows members to use their cars.

Members own a variety of Minis from concours to competition. Some compete in MSA authorised events, including Hillclimb events at Prescott. Matt and Andy Clarke are adopted members of the region who regularly compete at Prescott and other hillclimb venues.

In 2018, an MSA approved non-competitive Spring Run Touring Assembly was organised with participants enjoying the quiet, picturesque country lanes of the North Cotswolds at the end of April

Calendar 2019

July 14 Prescott Breakfast Meeting (9.00am)
August 4 National Metro & Mini Show at British Motor Museum
– 60 years Mini


September 1 Prescott Breakfast Meeting (9.00am)
September 15

Stanford Hall National Mini Day
– being organised by Jerry Filor

October 13 Prescott Breakfast Meeting (9.00am)



A new regional organiser is sought as Cliff Porter retired from the post at the club’s AGM in March, but has agreed to monitor e-mails to the region until his successor is appointed.

e- mail for further details