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1996 Cooper 35 Anniversary - Japanese SPI (10 replies)

7 years ago
davidscott212 7 years ago

1996 Cooper 35 Anniversary - Japanese SPI
7 years ago
davidscott212 7 years ago

This car was brought over to Canada last year after being sold at an auction in Tokyo. I bought it from the importer in February 2015.
After a long cold winter, it has sat in the freezing cold garage for over a month, now the snow is all gone, I can get the car out and evaluate what it needs to be restored.

First observations are that it looks quite original, shabby around the edges, showing sun damage and wear and tear. It has 44,000km on the odometer.

I would be interested to hear feedback on anything that should be corrected on a 1996 Japanese export car. I will also keep all the Japanese stickers on the car, to help tell its story.

I hope to post photos on here as I go along working on this project...




7 years ago
Dwaynek 7 years ago

Nice car look forward to your restoration

7 years ago
davidscott212 7 years ago




7 years ago
davidscott212 7 years ago

This past week, I have had the chance to get the car out, and its really fun to drive!

I am making a list of questions, as I add things to the 'to do' list.

As the sun has really faded the 35th anniversary decals, I got a set of replacements. But I'm not sure of the easiest way to get the old ones off? Heat gun and plastic scraper is what I've heard, but still sounds tricky, without damaging paint work!


The glass on the front spot lamps is very cloudy, and the screw on the bottom of each lamp are proving impossible to budge! Not sure if the glass can be treated, replaced, or what?



7 years ago
davidscott212 7 years ago



I know the Japanese cars had silver 12 inch wheels, so I'm guessing these are original? Plain black centre caps correct?


Tony S
7 years ago
Tony S 7 years ago

The only way with the stickers is to pick them off carefully bit by bit and then clean up the residue with tar or glue remover. Autoglym do a good one. The spots are available second hand, It might be more cost effective.

Those wheels are correct.

Martin Charles
7 years ago
Martin Charles 7 years ago

For the old decals, I use an electric paint heat gun on the lowest setting played gently backwards and forwards across the decal until it becomes soft and then slowly pick it off. Do not use ANY sort of scrapper, then use cutting paste, polish followed by wax to bring the area back to life, if applying new decals then do not use the wax.

As the old saying goes, take your time and slowly, slowly catchee monkey !

7 years ago
davidscott212 7 years ago

Thanks for the input on stickers, I'm going to take it slowly on those!

Just looking at the interior today, and seems like a few things need attention (as always:)

Tried polish and various chemicals on the switches, but they remain cloudy, not sure how they come out yet, but hopefully they can be replaced one by one.




The wiring beside the steering column seems to be randomly sitting in a bundle. Does not look very tidy, wondering how this should be arranged and secured? hmm.

6 years ago
blueovalcraig 6 years ago

Sorry to resurrect an old post but just wondered if there are any updates on this lovely wee mini

5 years ago
Grayclassic 5 years ago

Just joined the JDM club, but I've gone retro on the outside, I still have everything to put it back if ever that is needed.


but my problem was the rubbers, everything rubber, suspension, window seals, engine mounts the lot need replacing. 

The dash and door caps were trashed, again the heat does that. , but all refurbished.

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