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1961 Morris Super (12 replies)

8 years ago
chillbean 8 years ago

Ive had this car since last year, but as yet have not started the restoration process. It was registered in 1961, Smoke Grey / White. Its nearly complete and

7 years ago
JC T ONE 7 years ago

Nice to see a Super being saved, and a good solid one too.

7 years ago
JC T ONE 7 years ago

Chillbean wrote =

There are items missing.
nearside: hinges, door locks, glass, and chrome window catches.
Also missing carpet.
Also missing a fuel tank and filler cap. - Can anyone tell me what tank and filler cap it should have?.

Hi Ian,

The fueltank on my early November car, has the drainpipe at the back = check for a round hole, in the boot floor, near the tank strap anchorage.

The fuel sender is bolted in, like on the 59-60 tanks.

I would asume the cap, is the chromed one.

I have been told that better carpets for the early Mini,s are on their way.

Jens Christian

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