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Passenger door locking but not unlocking (2 replies)

5 years ago
atdotslash 5 years ago

Passenger door locking but not unlocking

5 years ago
atdotslash 5 years ago

Hi all, sorry to be the NooB who comes on and asks an obvious question but that's the way it's got to be.

My Mrs's r56 Cooper D passenger side door will lock from the key and the internal button but will not unlock from the key or the internal button.

I've tried resetting the locks with the ignition/holding down the button trick.
I've tried disconnecting the battery to see if that resets it.
I'm pretty sure it needs the actuator changing but it's a fiddly job for someone with fat fingers like mine.

Before I embark upon the expletive ridden mission of replacing the actuator I was just wondering if anyone else had any ideas on what I could try. Any clues peeps?

PS My Cooper S is fine!

5 years ago
ihughes 5 years ago

Sounds like you do need to replace the door actuator. On the R53, it is a fiddly job and you have to move the bottom of the window glass guide rail nearest the lock (release bolt underneath the door) in order to get enough room to slide the unbolted actuator out of the door and past the window guide. You also need to put the guide rail back in exactly the same position as you found it otherwise the glass will not seal against the top of the window rubber correctly.

Connecting the Bowden cable from the external door lock to the actuator is also a bit tricky as you can only do this by 'feel'.

I don't know if the R56 is significantly different inside the door or how the actuator is fitted/removed from the door, but I can't imagine it is hugely different. Perhaps someone else can advise you?

Also, the reason that BMW want to charge a lot of money to replace door actuators is because their recommended method of getting the lock out of the door is first remove the door glass completely.......and then spend a lot of time re-aligning the lift and throw of the glass on re-fitting!

Doing the job yourself using the R53 method above takes about 45 minutes start to finish.

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