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F56 Mini Cooper D 3rd Gear Intermittent Problem (No replies)

4 years ago
damianbramley 4 years ago


I have a problem with my F56 3 door hatch Cooper D which is a very intermittent problem, but does occur when you least expect it.   The car occasionally jumps out of third gear.  This was and continues to be an intermittent fault which happens at odd times whilst accelerating fairly sedately between about 2500 and 3000rpm in third gear, usually on an incline.  Unfortunately it is a problem that is very intermittent and has been difficult to recreate.  The car has been in to the dealership on four occasions specifically to look at this fault, but they have been unable to reproduce the problem.  When this problem occurs the car comes out of gear with a bit of bang, and as it is unexpected the engine revs increase as my foot is on the accelerator pedal.  My fear is this problem will happen whilst overtaking another vehicle or in a situation which puts myself and other road users at risk, potentially causing an accident.  My dealership have told me they have been in contact with Mini UK to try to work out a solution, but have been advised that as the dealership service department are unable to recreate the problem then they cannot do anything about it.  This makes me feel as though I am not to be believed, and the problem does not exist or is not serious enough to try to resolve.  The problem has however occurred about a dozen times, and has happened when other people have been in the car.  I have tried not quite engaging 3rd gear to see whether this may be the cause, but it is either engaged in gear or it is not.  My fear is that the car is due to end its warranty period at the end of this month, and as far as I have been able to ascertain, this problem is not know and has not occurred to anyone else.  I have however found numerous problems of Mini's having a problem with 1st gear but not 3rd.

Something possibly related is that two weeks ago the car developed a problem which I feel could potentially be related.  Whilst driving the car pulling off a main road, depressing the clutch pedal to change down into second gear, the clutch pedal remained partially depressed.  When pressing on the clutch pedal I was unable to change gear.  I was able to put my foot underneath the clutch pedal to pull the clutch pedal up and back to its normal position.  I carried on with my journey and on reaching a road junction I brought the car to a standstill and took the car out of gear to wait for a clear road to pull out safely.  On preparing to set off I pressed the clutch, with the handbrake still on, and put the car into first gear.  Within a matter of a couple of seconds the car started to pull forward.  I pressed harder on the clutch pedal and on the foot brake, and tried to pull the gear lever out of gear without success.  The car increasingly tried to pull forward into the oncoming traffic, at which point the engine stalled.  I was then able to compose myself, take the gear lever out of first gear and pull the clutch pedal back to its normal position.  Once the road was clear I then starting the engine, depressed the clutch normally which allowed me to put the car into first gear to set off.  The clutch pedal once again did not return to its normal position and I was unable to take the gear lever out of first gear without again putting my foot under the clutch pedal to pull the pedal back up to its normal position before depressing it again to allow me to change gear.  What had happened it turned out was that there is a clutch pipe underneath the engine that had been over time rubbing against the plastic under tray.  It had been rubbing to the point of rubbing through thus leaking its the clutch fluid.  The main service manager at my Mini dealership told me that he has not known this happen before and normally there is plenty of space between the clutch pipe and the under tray, and mine looked no different to any other Mini he had worked on.

The reason I think both could possibly be related is that in my mind if there is abnormal movement in the engine mounts, and the engine is able to move more than normal under load as well as under braking, then this could potentially cause the pipe to gradually rub against the under tray.  It could potentially also cause the gear linkage to pull the gear out of 3rd gear.  Having said that this is something that seems logical to me having worked on classic Mini's but having never worked on a modern Mini I do not know if this is realistically the case.

The upshot is that the dealership cannot get the car to jump out of third gear.  They have replaced the clutch pipe and the car is effectively ready to be picked up.  Mini UK will not do anything further to investigate the 3rd gear problem, and the car is to run out of warranty in less than 4 weeks, unless I take out extended warranty.

I am wanting to find out if anyone else has any experience of an F56 car jumping out of 3rd gear and if so has there been any resolution to it?

If anyone has any helpful advice they could offer that would be much appreciated.

With regards,


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