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Doors & sat nav. (4 replies)

Rog The Hat.
5 years ago
Rog The Hat. 5 years ago

Doors & sat nav.

Martin Charles
5 years ago
Martin Charles 5 years ago

Hi Roger,

Your MINI dealer should be able to reprogram the locking ECU to block this happening.

Your Sat Nav - No it is not possible reprogram the MINI to Garmin.

Rog The Hat.
5 years ago
Rog The Hat. 5 years ago

My 2016 MINI Cooper Clubman rear doors open on my drive, when I sit in my lounge, I know its the key fob in my pocket doing it, may be touching other keys on the keyring.

My question is can this button on the key fob be deactivated or the rear door deactivated, to stop this happing.

One other thing is the BMW / MINI "Sat Nav" is not up to the standard of my Garmin or my old Tom Tom Sat Navs, can you reprogram the MINI Sat nav, to Garmin?

5 years ago
rambling 5 years ago

Dear Roger,
Ours was worse, the car was in the street! With a car parked behind it!
I also agree with your criticism of the MINI Sat Nav.
I didn't like the handbrake switch.
I can exist without the illuminated MINI logo on the road.
We have now disposed of our one year old MINI CLUBMAN COOPER and purchased a very low mileage MINI COUNTRYMAN ALL4.

Rog The Hat.
5 years ago
Rog The Hat. 5 years ago

Hi Don,

This happened the other day,
I had just been out for a meal with the family, on parking locking my Clubman, on returning to my Clubman about 1.1/2 hours, I see the driving lights are on and so is the engine, the car is all locked up.

How can this happen it said in the handbook if the car is left without the seat belt fastened, plus no one sitting in the seat after a little while the car will shut down. How can this happen? Still MINI will be looking into all what I call faults, after we come back from our cruise.

On trying when I returned home I tried to leave the car without switching the engine off this time the warning alarm went off.


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