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AROnline: Our cars : Getting to know Keith’s R50 MINI (No replies)

5 years ago
MAB 5 years ago

[b]AROnline: Our cars : Getting to know Keith’s R50 MINI[/b]
"Although they were trumpeted as quality cars when new back in 2001, early MINIs are now suffering from the onset of old age like any other car. So, the ads are now littered with early cars that have led a hard life, and are now showing the signs. Broken gearboxes, warning lights and random faults are now the norm.
Still, that gives one plenty to talk about when buying a ‘project’.
In the times I have driven the MINI, it’s been a great deal of fun – cementing my belief that these are fabulous modern classics. They’s cheap, fun to drive, have a great specialist support network, and still look fresh and modern."

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