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2006 radiator fans fault? (1 reply)

4 years ago
minimatt1 4 years ago

Hi there

I have been a classic mini owner for approx 20 years but this week i have bought a 2006 mini cooper as an everyday car, so far im really enjoying it but i have a possible issue with the cooling fans, what i expect to happen is when i switch the a/c on is  the rad fan turns slowly and then spins faster to cool the engine, correct? What mine does is when i turn the a/c on the fans dont turn but after driving for a while and letting it tick over the fan comes on at full speed for around 2 seconds then turns off for around 30 seconds then on for 2  etc etc, so far the engine temp has not moved off half and there have been no hot smells in traffic, i connected my obd fault reader up on live data and the temp was reading112 degrees after around 10 minutes idle but the fans didnt come on, gauge still on halfway and nothing felt like it was too hot, i turned the engine off as it was getting late and the fan came on at full speed for around 3 minutes, i gather this is normal.

The a/c is nice and cold, the previous owner spent a lot of money having a new compresser fitted, can anyone  confirm please if mine is operating correctly or not please.

I gather the resister is prone to failure and i see it is available on its own but fitting requires rad removal, is this really necassary , cant you just cut the wiring that runs along the top and splice the repacment in and cable tie it up safely?

3 years ago
ihughes 3 years ago

Hi Matt

Guess you may have fixed this problem by now! However if you are still bothered by the fan operation or lack of it, then you are correct that the resistor that controls the two speeds of the fan can fail. You can replace/repair these but I think you are correct that you have to remove the front end (bumper etc) and then the radiator. However, I'm pretty shure you can test it in place!

The other problem that can occur is the bottom of the fan motor nearest the road can corrode. This happened to me on my 2003 R53 JCW but it was still running intermittently and making a dreadful noise. So, I don't think this is your problem.

Hope this helps.



Ian Hughes

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