NEC Classic Car Show 2020 On-Line

The NEC have arranged an On-Line version of the show that had to be cancelled.  It is to be shown this Saturday (14th Nov) on their Facebook page. We as a club were invited to make a 3 minute video for display as part of the Club Stands section of the event, which we have done.  Please also note that the event is supporting a great charity and details can be found on the link.

In keeping with the spirit of the real MCR stand, our video is aimed at informing people about our club and the benefits that people enjoy with their membership.  Most of you will of course be very aware of what we have to offer but it would be nice if you are able to ‘Pop In’ and see the video in the same way that you would if you were at the actual show.

We can’t give you a time for our moment in the limelight but if you follow the link you should see the timings and who is displaying.  If they show the club videos in alphabetical order and every club uses their full 3 minute allocation you should be able to get a fair idea of when we are on.  Please note that the clubs showcase is split into two sessions!

Here is the link for event details:

If you are unable to ‘attend’ we will publish the video on the closed Facebook page at some point in the week that follows.