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January Photo Competition (26 replies)

9 years ago
Gray 9 years ago
9 years ago
L400AUE 9 years ago

1994 - Monte Carlo Rally

Shame L408 AUE only made it one stage in 1994, what could of been...... Fueling issues so they say????????????????


Col De Turini: Scale: 1/10

9 years ago
ministwo 9 years ago


Weather in Reading last week.

john smith
9 years ago
john smith 9 years ago

Reading NSW?

[QUOTE=ministwo;136562]Weather in Reading last week.[/QUOTE]

temperature inversion?

9 years ago
coppertop 9 years ago

Head over heels more like:)

9 years ago
Gray 9 years ago

Well we were a bit short of entries but they still made me smile, 1/10 scale col de turini was a good idea and I thought we may of had more snow shots with the weather that has been around this month so a nice shot of Alice in the snow, you can feel the cold! KMP another good shot and you can see just how bad the conditions were for driver and photographer alike, but this months winner has to be the excellent shot of Tim at Doninigton by Stuart, but we kind of expect that sort of quality from him now.
Many thanks for those who had any input. Regards Graeme

9 years ago
surfblue63 9 years ago

Thanks Graeme for coosing my shot from Donnington. It was a very wet morning that day, but I just stood on the Craner Curves clicking away. The spray was supplied by a Lotus Cortina which Tim was catching as he headed for the Old Hairpin.

It's only about 6 weeks until the HSCC have their season opener at Donnington this year, I'm hoping it might be a bit dryer this year.

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