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Mk3 S : £33,500 ! (13 replies)

7 years ago
111Robin 7 years ago No doubt it looks like a top restoration, but £33.5k ? Robin

Peter Laidler
7 years ago
Peter Laidler 7 years ago

The only trouble about buying a car like the restored Aqua Mk3S is that you don't know what sort of bodywork/tin work you're getting underneath the shiney paintwork. This is especially so as this car, it was done some years ago. On that basis I'd slightly disagree with Andy a bit and say that you could buy one that's being sold as '...ripe for restoration....' (they're out there, believe me.......) and set about it yourself for less - and in a colour you like. Even if you farm the shell out for restoration you can keep and keep an eye on the restoration, keep a photo record of the tear down and build, priming and paint etc etc. If you go doen the stage payment route, in cash of course, you hold all the cards - and the whip hand too!

That way YOU know what's there and YOU know how well it's been protected inside those hidden cavities too. Just my view as one who would enjoy the challenge

7 years ago
pad4 7 years ago

For 33k I would at least want a bloody original grill and not the wonky minispares ones - its all in the details when you get up to that much cash, I love the colour and the car though, it is very nice

7 years ago
JC T ONE 7 years ago

Must have been a very good project, before they restored it - first time I see the factory Lucas check slip, on a wiring loom.

One is also attached to the front loom (if still there ?)

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