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servo mounting template (2 replies)

7 years ago
pickupsam 7 years ago
7 years ago
pickupsam 7 years ago

Hi All

wondering if somebody can help
my mk 3 cooper s has had new inner wings fitted prior to me owning the vehicle, and someone has fitted the servo incorrectly with wrong brackets.
Does anyone have measurements to where to fit the brackets to as this needs to be fairly spot on as the air intake sits in fronts etc not much room around !! as we all know
i now have the correct mk 3 servo brackets so if anyone can help that would be much appreciated as i would like to put the servo back and set it all up

thanks so much in advance for any help.
btw i think this forum is superb .
thanks Nick

7 years ago
cooper997 7 years ago

Servo template

Found this in an old 1987 Mini Cooper Register Handbook its for a cooper S SO CHECK IF ITS THE SAME FOR Mark 3,i am sure somebody out there will help.


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