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Rotor arms (14 replies)

8 years ago
chequeredflag 8 years ago
8 years ago
minimainiac 8 years ago

I have in the past found that some pattern rotor arms are a few mm to short to reach the ds caps terminals. They run fine for a few hundred miles and then die. Could be worth checking 😉

Mk 3 S Meister
8 years ago
Mk 3 S Meister 8 years ago

New old stock ones turn up regularly on a certain well known auction website and usually sell for around £5.

Make sure you get one in the orange Lucas box or Unipart packaging and it should last for years rather than miles.

The same goes for condensors as well.

You can get the red Accuspark ones mentioned previously in the thread on there as well - and they have a three year guarantee!


Island Blue
8 years ago
Island Blue 8 years ago

Just wondering whether anyone on here has used this company for parts other than the arms - this package looks like good value (having just shelled out for similar from elsewhere with a standard and probably limited life rotor arm! :rolleyes: ):


Includes the red rotor, points, cap, condenser and ('triple ground') plugs for £14.95 delivered.

If the other parts are as good quality as the arms are supposed to be then that looks hard to ignore!

Can only find one other thread on here mentioning them.

8 years ago
davidgsmith 8 years ago

mk1cooper wrote: "I've (touch wood) had no problems since installing the red rotor and points set up from Martin at Distributor Doctor :)"
I have had the red rotor and condenser from Martin, the Distributor Doctor. I know he was working on points but wasn't aware that he had actually started selling them yet. Got to be good news.

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