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The right parts for a set of Hs2 Su carburettors AUD 104? (No replies)

2 months ago
11933 2 months ago

Hi everybody,

Does anyone know which correct part(s) (numbers) i need to rebuilt a set of AUD 104 Su Hs2 carburettors for my '66 mini cooper 998cc?

I do have this set that i wanna rebuilt and now i see that the suction chambers differ from each other. One chamber is part number AUC 1357 with a AUC 1432 piston and the other one is part number AUC 3517 with a AUC 1422 piston. The AUC 1432 has 2 piston transfer holes and has a taller piston rod ( to tall i think, is level with the top of the chamber when i put it inside ) than the AUC 1422 with one piston transfer hole.


I don't think this is correct, do i need two pistons of the same length or different parts to build a original AUD 104 set of carburettors?


I do also have another set of carbs which i can use, also with different part numbers; one suction chamber with part number AUC 1357 with a AUC 1422 piston ( with one piston transfer hole ) and a suction chamber AUC 1357 with a AUC 1432 piston ( this piston is taller and has two piston chamber holes )


I hope anyone can help me out using the right parts to build this set.


Thank you very much for your help/advice.



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