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1965 Cooper S - restoration buddy? (No replies)

Richard S
3 years ago
Richard S 3 years ago

I'm hoping to find a knowledgable restoration buddy who would be willing to help me with information/advice with a 1965 1275 Cooper S. I'm about to embark on a full nut and bolt restoration and would like to rebuild the car to as close a specification to original as possible. For example brake callipers were they cadmium plated or painted and if painted what colour. The master cylinders appear from what I have gleaned so far; cadmium plated.

The car a tweed grey model was built on 29th September 65 and shipped (to order) to new Zealand with the full package of special equipment due as it was to be a race car. Some of the SE items were fitted but the car was never competative and was sold on after 6 months and became a standard road car.

The car lived a full life covering over a 100k miles with 10 owners before it finally ended up stored and dismantled.

Most of the car remains in particular the body (no salt used in NZ) that is not to say it does not have it's panel issues - but I could start just replacing original panels with new and would no doubt save a packet, but it seems a pity to discard 50 yr old sections that have perhaps 10% imperfect areas - instead would like to make good original panels so that in the end perhaps 90 to 95% of the car retains it's originality.

Unfortunately the interior is not such a happy story and will likely replace all items so that the car has an appearance of being a new car (as I might have purchased it new in1965) and in this instance intend to fit the recliner option front seats. I have a period Motolita steering wheel of around 13"dia and would quite like to find one of those instrument binnacles was it a 'duller'? which incorporated a smiths tacho.

The car has a new old stock right hand tank although this is not fitted and the vertical mounted oil cooler...

Having always been a Downton fan, I do intend to get the engine carefully rebuilt to Downton spec to give me a finely tuned fast road specification. The gearbox installed is a straight cut type and would welcome opinion which way to go with this - not keen for a tiring whine on road journeys.

The car came with a set of 3.5 and 4.5 wheels and likely to retain both as the appearance is unique with both options. The car is hydrolastic and intend to keep it that way (after having the units fully restored).



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