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Re email - Future of the Forum potential closure (2 replies)

2 years ago
MGMiniman 2 years ago


It is very sad that this platform is not used.

The rot really set in when was hacked and the forum was not available for some time.
I used to post and offer comments on technical issues.
As a owner of Minis now for over 50 years, lost count of the number that passed through my hands, built 2 road cars from bare shells, 3 Mini Miglia race cars, raced them for 20 years, many restorations, rebuilds modifications etc. Currently I have 3 classic Minis and a MINI Cooper Roadster is my wife’s daily driver.

I am more than happy to share my experience and knowledge with others and particularly newcomers to the Mini scene.
I do not and will not subscribe to “social media” platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. I do not want the world to be party to my activities, whereabouts and private  life.
The forum was therefore ideal for communication for the MCR, but as I posted some considerable time ago, where did everybody go? As I result I gave up accessing the Forum regularly, nobody was posting there. Nothing going on.
I used to log in nearly every day, it was one of the reasons I joined the MCR.
Somebody said I seem to remember that posters had gone elsewhere when the Forum was down. I guess it must be blamed on the “hackers”.
The other Mini forums seem to be fraught with argumentative comments.
When operating as it should the MCR Forum was not like that.
How to overcome this lack of support, who knows.

A relaunch perhaps? It needs the MCR membership to log back in to what could be a valuable resource for information and help.
I sincerely hope that the Forum can be rebuilt and used as it should.
That’s my twopence worth


Steve Hills
2 years ago
Steve Hills 2 years ago

I totally agree with everything you've said here MGMiniman. I'm rebuilding my old Mini Cooper S MKII which I've owned since 1985. Years ago I was a very active member of the MCR but life, work and children overtook me. However, a couple of years ago I uncovered the car and started to strip it down.

In the meantime the internet was invented and one of the main reasons I re-joined the club was to be able to tap in to the huge resource of knowledge amongst MCR members via the MCR forum. A great shame if it is lost.



2 years ago
RickHeyse 2 years ago

Quite a few people don't like social media such as facebook, but it now the most widely used source of communication. However its now substitute for this forum, especially when promoting regional activity or solving specific technical issues where members have vast experience.

One question has to be asked, has the forum been promoted enough throughout the membership? Rather than a complete relaunch, why not promote the forum through the magazine? A small piece could be added every couple of months, the first (and possibly the second) on encouraging people to use the forum, then in subsequent issues a brief report on the topics being discussed. I really think promotion is the key and we have to use all other forms of communication to do this. 

The forum should be an important part of the club, and as Steve Hills has said, one of the reasons he rejoined the club. It should not be allowed to die, but to boost it we have to promote its unique selling points compared to social media in order to get members to re-engage.

Anyway, just a few thoughts from a new member.


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