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Peter Baldwin's Rolling Road (2 replies)

1 year ago
ROLI 1 year ago

Its with very sad news that The Rolling Road at Wilsher's Garage, New WImpole worked by the infamous Peter Baldwin has closed its doors. Cited reason was "Insurance too steep". What a crock! More like "Selling the land" or "too many complaints about noise" (shouldnt live next door then!). Never mind that it was a huge cash cow. Sad , very sad.

1 year ago
rsk289 1 year ago

Yes, very sad, I've been using Peter since 1974 (Jesus Lane) for everything from Jensen Interceptor and big-block Mustang to Sprites and 3000s.  I always promised to take him a Mini, and phoned to book a couple of months ago.  Damn, damn and damn.

The guy at Wilshire's insists that Peter has simply retired, no other reasons given.  Not sure anyone asked Peter.

The next recommendation I have been given is Lynx at Raunds, which is further away for me and completely unknown.  Does anyone have any experience of them, or other recommendations?  I have a noise which I think may be the idler gear (on a motor that was fully rebuilt 5k miles ago), and was hoping to drop in for Peter's opinion before pulling the motor.  Raunds is too far to risk driving if it is that, so I guess it's engine crane time!

12 months ago
ROLI 12 months ago

Peter hasnt retired at all ! He is now working at John Deegans garage in Cambridge and at Jon Lee's near Lincoln on a part time basis . The rolling road in Cambridge is actually run by Lee Deegan (son of John) and Peter is "teaching" Lee the ropes. Its a state-of-the-art rolling road, so with Peter there it will be good. I will book my Mini with him before the Mini to the Alps. If anyone wants the number, let me know. R


look at this link :


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