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North Carolina Member and SPi John Cooper conversions (a good idea or not?) (No replies)

1 year ago

Hello there,

I had owned two BMW Mini Cooper S cars. The second car was a 2008 Clubman and was horrible for engine issues so I got rid of it after the umpteenth mega dollar MINI dealership bill (this was the Peugeot sourced engine).

I have just bought a Rover Cooper Spi - 1992. 13K miles.  bought it from Richard Williams MiniClassics. I had always wanted a Classic Mini since I was a young lad in Liverpool and finally, at 55 years  old I bought a Rover Spi and I am importing it.

I just posted another message to the Conversions forum. Is the Cooper Garages Spi conversion going to really add to the performance in a meaningful way. Are there reliability issues ? Does it help with mid-range torque ? If I leave the car in fourth gear, will it help me pull away to overtake or do I have to work the gears ? And how easy is it as a conversion?



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