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Just another Noob (1 reply)

2 years ago
Scubasteve98312 2 years ago

Hello all.  Just wanted to introduce myself and my Mini.  My name is Steve, live in the state of Connecticut in the USA.  I purchased a 90' Rover Mini Mayfair while I was living in Italy and like many of you, I'm in love with the car.  I have tried to do a resto on her, i am about 90 percent complete. She originally came with the 998, but I purchased a 1275 and installed. I have found getting parts in the USA is quite difficult.  Additionally, she has given me some difficulty as she came with some older parts and some newer, I think the owner before me did some Frankenstein stuff.  I have attached a few photos...enjoy....please feel free to message me with any questions or comments.  I do have a concern regarding the VIN....there is a Z where I believe a 2 should be.....and yes it is most definitely a "Z". I have another 2 in the VIN and they are not the same. Help here would be cool.....*SAXXLZS1S21XXXXXX* This is stamped in the inside lip at the rear of the bonnet near the passenger wiper.
2 years ago
LorraineLH 2 years ago

Hi Steve, welcome to the forum, nice looking car.

On a car of this age there will always be a mix of new and old parts as things need to be replaced and/or upgraded because of age or general wear and tear or failure and breakage. Some people strive to keep their minis as original as possible but this can be expensive and time consuming.

As for your chassis number, I would say the "Z" should definitely be a "2". This is quite a common misinterpretation and should be able to be rectified by applying to the DVLA although it probably really won't matter or make any difference.

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