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Hello from Portugal! (2 replies)

12 months ago
Nuno 12 months ago

Hi there.

Just to introduce myself has a new mini cooper owner.

Its my first mini and my first classic car. It's a MK2 Cooper assembled in Portugal (IMA) and imported has CKD in 1967. First register 01/01/1968. Original color seems to be Island Blue but it was painted in the past red with "white" roof. It seems to have original engine, with servo and oil cooler added to it. A cooler reservoir was also added and wiper motor was installed on the other side of the engine bay. Don't like that change. Its usual?

The interior is black and it was added a roll cage that I will probably remove. The driver seat is a sport version and looks appropriate to the car. Don't know if it original BMC.

It has hydrolastic suspension but it was added a pair of shock absorbers on the front. Is this normal? Are they doing anything?

Car is in good condition but I found some things I want to correct. Just didn't decided if touch up myself or opt for a full restoration with original color and specs.

When I bought the car the idea was to restore it to factory, then I realise it was a CKD and I don't have way of knowing the original specs.

I also started to like the more racing look and the extras he has right now. I could keep it like this with some improvements and save some money.  

Any advice on this?


Thanks and see you



Tony S
11 months ago
Tony S 11 months ago


Welcome to the MCR forum.  Unfortunately as you can see the forum has little activity these days.  The MCR Facebooks pages are more populated.

I've see the wiper motor on the 'wrong' side a couple of times.  As there are no mounting points there it is probably not the best thing to do.  

As for sports seats.  BMC only made the recliners available as an option.  They are now quite sort after and very comfortable.  

The shock absorbers on the from were great for hydrolastic as they limit the rate of rise when accelerating.  Combined with HD rear bump stops they make a hydro car handle quite nicely.

Hertitage may have some info on the cars history, but probably not alot for a CKD car.  

Modifications and colour are pretty much a matter of opinion.  I would say do what you prefer, it's your car after all.


10 months ago
Nuno 10 months ago

Hi Tony,


Thanks for your answer. 

Not much activity here indeed.

Stay safe,





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