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Hello from a retired Austin Rover mechanic! (1 reply)

Monte Carlo Mick
1 year ago
Monte Carlo Mick 1 year ago

Hello everyone, 

Just joined the register yesterday great to be here! Bit about my career history...I started off serving time as an apprentice mechanic at an Austin Rover dealership 1970-82. In the early days before fuel injection and electronic ignition. I have done lots of rear sub-frames, radius arm bushes, ball joints, gear boxes, bypass hoses, clutches in situ, I think though back then the facrory assumed you had to remove the engine, but not sure. I saw lots of mini coopers and S's come and go always thought one day I'd love to own one. Fast forward 50 years now retired Ive got one! I'm now the proud owner of a black Mini Cooper Monte Carlo with a mini cooper S works upgrade, with 45,000 on the clock. I love it when the sun's out we're out!  It doesn't bother me about putting miles on it. Acquired it in Jan 2020 bought it for what it was, to drive and enjoy, not to store. Only just found about about the register a stroke of good luck, I will gladly help with anyone withadvice or information or happy just to chat. Can't wait to join runs and meets never experienced one before. Wondering if there are any other black Monte Carlo owners out there? Regards, Mick.

12 months ago
997GUO 12 months ago

Hi Mick. Welcome to the club. Sounds like you have a nice car there. If you haven’t already could you attach your car to the Non Cooper register. We make up around a third of the club now and it would be helpful to have the details. 


Non Cooper Registrar. 

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