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Hello and question ! (2 replies)

2 years ago
Robsob 2 years ago

Hello everyone,

Afraid I cannot introduce you to my mini, because I haven’t purchased one yet!   For many years I had a series of minis, including the early 90s Italian Job special edition which I loved.  

Life intervened and now I am keen to go back in time and purchase a mid to late 60s Mini Cooper S (MkII or III). 

The internet is quite a maze for this - question to the forums- any help on where are the best sites, contacts to search for such a mini

thanks in advance, Russell

2 years ago
MCR BGS 2 years ago

Hi Russell - I know of 2x Mk3 S for sale, please make contact to find out more: dangerf55(at)

Thanks, David

2 years ago
stanco 2 years ago

Richard Williams Classic Minis has a Mk III for sale.........for £30,000........

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