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Desperatly french. You no not choose neither yout family nor your country. (1 reply)

2 years ago
Harry.Cover 2 years ago

I am french and I apologize for this (despite I made a DNA analysis which stated I am 21% british...). This is not the topic but I must understand why I do like Minis so much and not 2CV. I had many Minis and today I own an Innocenti T "legno", a spruce green Moke from 1966, an IMA van and last but not least an incredible Morris Cooper MK2 which I recently bought in Portugal (She is a CKD, I mean she was sent in spares to Portugal and built there by IMA, the local subsidiary of British Leyland).

The car is incredible, not a beauty, she is not made up, but all original, all matching and without rust. Even the windows are the original ones. She was kept during years in a garage beetwen some collection sisters, cared by a mechanical paid by the owner. The only thing which I have to modify is the outside color. She should be snowberry but the previous and only owner had some baubles and he repainted the exterior in red. I also need to withdraw the Wood and P dash and the rims.

That said I retreated in a regional park in Auvergne, a vulcany region 50 kilometers south of Clermont Ferrand, I see shammys from my terrace (My wife saw a bear, I guess it's me). I have a lot of passions, to speak of me as you can check but also I play piano (the best way to become alone with singing), golf, I own an Artic Cat to make some raids in my mountains, I am fond of food, wine, finding mushrooms, auctions, geopolitics and english language writers, Scott, Kipling obviously, Maugham and Steinbeck.

2 years ago
LorraineLH 2 years ago

Hello Harry and welcome to the MCR forum. Your introduction is very interesting, thank you. As well as Minis, we also have a 2CV!

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