Coordinator Report

Each member is assigned a Liaison status, this is used to drive the coordinator report.
When a new member is added to the database, the status is set to new|review. When an existing member has the postcode changed, the status is set to existing|review.
The coordinator report lists all members with either of these status values.
When a new member is added, the region is automatically set by checking the distance from the members home to each of the region meeting places. This is a straight line calculation and therefore does not take into account geographical features such as estuaries.
As a consequence, the automatically generated region must be checked by the Region Coordinator and amended if required.
Against each member on the coordinator report are three buttons:

Edit - use this if the region needs to be changed

Approve - if the allocated region is correct, press Approve, this will automatically send an email from you to the region rep, informing them that the member has joined their region. It will also send an email to the member from the region rep, welcoming them to the region. The text of the welcome email can be altered by the Region Rep using the Region Page maintenance

Email - press this if you want to send an email to the member

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