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Rog The Hat.
5 years ago
Rog The Hat. 5 years ago

I have just logged in its a waste of time, you have to log into each subject at least you could see with the old site what had been posted it will take so much time to go through them all. Please go back to the old Forum !!!
Rog "The Hat"

Sarah Voss
5 years ago
Sarah Voss 5 years ago

I am still struggling to see what is so impossible about this forum? It has glitches - there has been a lot of evidence that these are being ironed out. I suppose reluctance to change or adapt is always a big problem when trying to make improvements. I do find the current level of puerile bullying completely unacceptable and really unpleasant to read. If you want to destroy the forum completely, I would suggest this is the right way to go about it.
Mike, I'm grateful for your hard work. Every suggestion I've made has been acted on and the glitch changed for the better. Thank you!

5 years ago
surfblue63 5 years ago

Luck you Sarah, most suggestions I make have not been acted on.

By the way, please do not call people bullies, it really does not help.

5 years ago
mgb 5 years ago

Thanks Sarah

Stuart - I have just finished implementing your suggestion about adding the Recent Posts link to the Threads pages of the main sections

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