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1. Snipping Tool 2. Zooming in and out (2 replies)

7 years ago
GrahamWRobinson 7 years ago

1. Snipping Tool 2. Zooming in and out
7 years ago
GrahamWRobinson 7 years ago

I've picked up a couple of things from other forums I belong to that might be of help to you.

1. [b:3soxv71m]Snipping Tool[/b:3soxv71m]. This is a very useful little Microsoft program that seems to lie hidden on Windows 7 and probably other versions too. It allows you easily and quickly to cut out and save any part of a page that you are one. I've been saving as jpegs but there are other options too. To use the tool click on the Windows logo in the bottom LH of your screen then enter 'Clipping Tool' in the Search programs and file box. All being well it should then find Clipping Tool for you. Click on it to see more. I saved it to my Windows taskbar so it's now always available when I need it.

2. [b:3soxv71m]To quickly zoom in and out of any page you are looking at[/b:3soxv71m] on your computer, and not necessarily the internet, simply hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard whilst rolling the wheel on your mouse backwards and forwards. Simple and very useful if you want to look more closely at the detail on a photo for example. By the way, I guess we are talking Microsoft here once again.

Graham Robinson
Forum Administrator

7 years ago
surfblue63 7 years ago

You will find the Snipping Toll in the Accessories file, along with lots of other useful bit and pieces

[attachment=0:1r65pc69]Capture 55.JPG[/attachment:1r65pc69]

The snipping tool can be used to copy anything on your screen, including stills from videos. Obviously you need to pause the video first. Here's one I did earlier.


Another useful tool is Microsoft OneNote 2010. this bit of software enables you to copy text from pictures and locked PdF documents. You will find it in the Microsoft Office file. I used it to translate a PdF copy of the Innocenti Mini Cooper Export Owners Manual I have.

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