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Hampshire March Club night - Thursday 19th March (3 replies)

Martin Charles
7 years ago
Martin Charles 7 years ago

Hampshire March Club night - Thursday 19th March

Martin Charles
7 years ago
Martin Charles 7 years ago

Hi all,

This month's club night will be a quiz evening, arrive around 08:00pm and the quiz will start at 08:15pm. Rounds will include from General Knowledge, Food and Drink, Mini's, TV and Film and possibly another round that was a favorite in our pre Christmas quiz..........Music!

All mini and MINI owners welcome, don't worry if you've never been to a club night before, we are a friendly bunch and will make the introductions and get you into a team. Always a ':lol:' and guaranteed to get the little grey cells ticking over.

The venue, as always, is the George & Falcon at Warnford, great beers and food, location and more details on their website here http://www.georgeandfalcon.com/

See you there ':D'

Tony S
7 years ago
Tony S 7 years ago

Just a reminder, it's tonight.

Martin Charles
7 years ago
Martin Charles 7 years ago

And the winners were ? Well lets not get ahead of ourselves.

16 members arrived to pit their wits against Sally Salter, our quiz setter and Quiz Master for the evening. So four teams of four sat down to exercise "the little grey cells" against Sally's carefully researched questions.
QUADS - Who had to suffer me! hence only three in picture with Quiz Master Sally in the background
Over the next hour or so the teams quandered, queried and generally struggled with the rounds of, General Knowledge, Easter, Food and Drink and 80's Music. Lots of banter and questions over the validity of certain answers when marking each round, which was robustly rebuffed by Sally. With a possible maximum score of 42 out of 40 questions, Sally quickly added each teams score and called everybody to order to reveal.......wait for it..........
4th - Fun Boy Four - 18/42
3rd - Quads - 23/42
2nd - No Hopers - 24/42
1st - The Gents - 25/42 L to R - Ian Jarman, Gary Powell, Adam Cooke and Tony Salter.
As Sally was quick to point out, none of us need bother to enter "Master Mind" and proving that Tony definitely didn't know the questions or more importantly the answers! Not that the winners minded as they admired their prize - a chocolate Easter Bunny each ':lol:'
Huge thanks to Sally for providing a thoroughly entertaining evening.
Next meeting will be on Thursday 16th April, a post for that will go up at the beginning of April.

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