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Website and Forum update (No replies)

5 years ago
mgb 5 years ago

The home page of the website has been re-organised to make sure that it can be viewed on phones and tablets, although there is more work to do to improve the look and feel and reduce the amount of scrolling required.

The My Profile page, which can be accessed using the link at the bottom of each page, now has a link for the Members Directory and you can now establish friendship links and send PMs to other forum users.

The combination of the two previous forums into the one forum has resulted in 105104 responses to 14486 topics (threads) with 3319 photos/pdfs attached.

There have been a few calls to return to the previous forum but an interesting analysis shows that it was in decline, over the last 4 years the average number of posts per month was 1179, 520, 485 and then 385. At this rate the forum would have reached the point where it was no longer viable so something had to be done, so with the wealth of the old forum now incorporated and all part of the same search, we have the basis of a forum that will hopefully return to its former strength.

The new forum has the same structure in that there are sections that contain topics(threads) and there are responses to the topics, members and non-members can create new topics and respond to existing topics with an area of the forum only visible to members, in addition, photos and other documents may be attached to topics and responses. The search option now covers all the posts in the old and new forums and there is an option to display the most recent posts added to the forum.

There is also the ability to flag individual sections of the forum to email you if a new post is made. Having said all that, there are still some features of the phpbb forum that have still to be added but we are using an evolving forum and new features are being added all the time.

In order to simplify the forum, the structure of the sections within the forum is being reviewed, the initial step in this has been to move the sections that formed part of the original forum under a separate heading, however all the posts within these sections are still included in any search made.

On the to fix list are:
-Some topics don’t display the responses when selected, the details are all there and it is a simple matter to fix, however I need to know if you find one, so far one has been identified and fixed
-Some posts have bits of HTML code in them, again when I know which ones are affected, I can fix them
-Some attachments don’t display as they should

As always, any constructive comments for the improvement of the site and forum would be most appreciated.

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