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Cooper S complete hubs and Lockeed original Calipers (No replies)

11 months ago
mfdriver 11 months ago

I have a pair of Cooper S 7.5" discs, hubs and calipers. I expect they would be of interest to someone who is carrying out a restoration project  and wants originality.

The Calipers are original Lockeed and the reference numbers (as far as I can make out) are DA 20744/3242613 and DA31240/3242410

The discs are very rusty and the hub bearings are obviously u/s, but this would make a good basis for someone looking for the "proper" bits.

I would imagine that Locheed embossed calipers are becoming hard to find, so if you are interested PM me and we talk about price!

They are very heavy so collection would be best - depends how much you want to spend on a courier.

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