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Works Wiring Diagrams - has anyone created one yet? (2 replies)

4 years ago
HTB 4 years ago

Hello all,

I'm just rebuilding a Mk1 '67 Cooper that has been rallied hard for a number of years and is showing signs of her numerous successes on HERO and Three Castle events by the previous owner.  To do the car justice I'm rebuilding her with a healthy nod to the works rally cars of the period.

Knowing that Abingdon didn't produce wiring diagrams for their works cars (as per other threads here) as they were all bespoke, has anyone produced anything during their own restoration that might help me get to grips with how I can wire the car myself to the right '67 type specification/design?  Ive spoken to one or two of the vehicle wiring companies as I know they have some experience with specific cars, but their bespoke service is reassuringly expensive and I'm not ready to buy in to that experience quite yet.

I need to lock myself away in a darkened room with a cold towel around my head to get going on the job, but figure there are a multitude of people who have gone there before me and there might be a diagram out there of a loom that can kick the process off in the right direction.

Any help much appreciated.



2 years ago
andyroberts33 2 years ago

Hello all, 

Thought I would post this, as I also had been searching for something similar for a long time.

I bought this on ebay from a seller in Italy early this year and had it scanned to PDF.

Sharing the schematic, hope it helps those looking for something similar.



2 years ago
andyroberts33 2 years ago

and the wiring cable schedule

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