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Wheel Braces (3 replies)

4 years ago
SYD 4 years ago

As usual our Chairman was full of interesting information in his March column on the Works Cars. I have never seen the coloured wheel braces, they have always been the generic grey. What coloured reds and green were they and was it the whole brace or just the heads painted.

Keep up the great work Robert.


4 years ago
youngres 4 years ago

Hi Syd, thanks for your kind words. The wheel braces were pained in their entirety, not just the ends, this as I said to demark between Minilite wheel nuts and steel wheel nut being of different size. As for shades of paint, I can't be certain but a mid red and a light bottle green is the best I can tell you.  I suspect they would have been BMC MG colours as that is where Abingdon was. Tartan red wouldn't be far wrong I'm sure. Sorry that I couldn't be more specific.


3 years ago
Lotusman33 3 years ago

We’re the braces made for the works cars or readily available from the parts bins? Seen a few variations in works/replica cars.

3 years ago
youngres 3 years ago

These were specifically made by the Competitions department from thick wall tube and with a welded socket on the end, scavenged from a commercially available wheel brace.

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