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Alternator lucas 11AC + 4TR 60´s works cars (No replies)

3 years ago
fjdmadeira 3 years ago

Hi fellows. Can't find help on this issue. I'm building a Works replica, on my 67´s cooper S, mk1. As many cars i've read about, they use the Alternator Lucas 11AC (externaly regulated).
I've bought one already, refurbished.
Now the questions:
1 - should I use the mk1 cooper S wiring loom, for dynamo, and convert it to alternator?
2 - in this case should i retain the original regulator box (dynamo), or eliminate it?
3 - As this alternator is externaly regulated, with the Lucas 4TR regulator, this regulator replaces the dynamo one, or is a PLUS?
Any tips to plug the 4TR regulator, on the original S wiring loom?
4 - The 6RA relay, should be closing or opening type?

Any help is welcome, as the works wiring diagram are not available anywere... (sorry my bad english, i'm Portuguese 🙂

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