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The works mk 2 cars- did any have mk 2 interiors? (No replies)

2 years ago
Jeff 2 years ago


I am a newly rejoined member who is still working his way towards completing a mk2 mini cooper. I have deliberated for some time on what form it should take since doing a father and son strip down some 15 years ago. We got to the point where we had spot welded back in a new floor, then decided it had got a bit difficult so sent it to Sleaford Mini who did a great job of giving me back a fully refurbished mk 2 shell finished in the almost obligatory works colours tartan red with a white cap. I have since spent some time deciding which way to go with the car. I used to rally a mk 1 S in my youth and built a car then having to reshell a mk 1 with a new mk 2 shell ( I re registered this is SAL 862L ). At the time the car was fully to the car and car conversions Will Sparrow spec with all the little tweaks. I now enjoy the historic regularity type events and have campaigned an austin healey 100/4 for some time on most of the big events ( monte carlo twice, liege rome twice, Paris Marakech etc.), more recently the 3 castles. 

I would now like to enter my mini in one of the Monte events and have decided to go for a replica approach with come modern under pinings. I have completed a modern wiring diagram that still utilises all the works underbonnet relays and the 4 fuseboxes under the dash. I am building an S speedo into one with a resettable trip, and I have completed the works dash drivers side. Just starting on the twin tank boot and the twin SU pump under the rear seat.

I am struggling with the interior trim, and would have liked some ideas as to the interior of the later mk 2 works cars. They all seem to be mk 1 throw backs with mk 2 rear lights and front grills, but with mk 1 wipers and heaters and mk 1 S interior trims? Is this correct? Did no works car have the Mk2 cooper S black trim, the mk 2 heater, and the round bodied wiper motor?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Jeff H

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