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26thMonthly meet at Santos Higham Farm Hotel (20:00-22:30)
27thMonthly meet at Hoghton Arms (19:30-22:30)
27thMonthly meet at Caffeine and Machine (20:00-22:30)
28thMonthly meet at Acespeed (19:30-22:30)
2ndMonthly meet at The Bell Inn (13:00-15:00)
3rdMonthly Meet at The Hawk (19:30-22:30)
3rdMonthly meet at the Dun Cow (19:30-22:30)
3rdMonthly meet at The George and Dragon (19:30-22:30)
3rdMonthly meet at New Inns Public House (19:30-22:30)
4thMonthly meet at New Inns Public House (20:00-22:30)
4thMonthly meet at The Cherry Tree (19:30-22:30)
6thMonthly meet at the Beefeater (19:30-22:30)
11thMonthly meet at The Frankland Arms (20:00-22:30)
12thMonthly meets at Tyrrells Ford Country Inn (20:00-22:30)
12thMonthly meet at The Duke of York (20:00-22:30)
12thMonthly meet at The Wagon & Horses (19:30-22:30)
17thMonthly meet at The Railway Inn (20:00-22:30)
18thMonthly meet at St Marys Country Pub (19:30-22:30)
19thMonthly meet at the Crofton Inn (20:00-22:30)
21st-24thOff Peak Run (All day)