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It is now the time of the year that many of us will be hunkering down to get through the winter months and our cars are, by now, probably all tucked away safely in our garages. Unless, of course, you are one of those brave owners of a classis Mini that likes to use their car all year round when weather permits. To be honest I am definitely not one of these owners as the thought of going into a freezing cold garage and handling cold spanners makes me shiver! Thus, I have full respect for those of you that aren’t put off by the cold weather and are happy to get in the garage and fettle your car and/or take it out and about on a run. So, what do we have in store for you in the first issue of CooperWorld 2022? Well, an article from yours truly for starters and it’s about my visit to the Lancaster Classis Motor Show at the NEC in mid November 2021. Now you may remember that in 2020 many shows and events were being cancelled or postponed because of a sudden and significant increase of Covid cases at the end of the summer that year, and the motor show was one of those casualties so it didn’t happen in 2020. It even looked a bit touch and go as to whether it would actually go ahead this year, but the organisers took a deep breath and went for it. So, I decided quite late in the day that I would go along to it to see just what sort of a show it would turn out to be. Then I must admit that I have been finding Michael Evans’ series of articles, entitled ‘From Mini to MINI’, both very well researched and interesting. So, I was really looking forward to reading part 5 of his series of articles and he has not failed to deliver again. It’s a very readable article and particularly so if you are interested in the history of the Mini as I am. You will find Michael’s article on page 20. One of the sections in the magazine that I always look forward to reading are the Registers. They are such a great read, entertaining and informative at the same time. I never fail to learn something new about the cars that are featured. We are so lucky to have such a plethora of knowledgeable people sharing their specialist knowledge with us each month. I take my hat off to them (if I wore one!) and thank them for their valuable contributions each month and which go to make CooperWorld such a good magazine to read. And finally, I hope that you like the \'refreshed\' new look of the magazine. Paul Sulma Editor CooperWorld        

Contributions are encouraged from the members. The material is often complete with factual information such as entries, results, dates, technical data and photographs.

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