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It is starting to feel like we are getting closer to normality as we once knew it pre Covid, with more car shows and other outdoor events now being put on by organisers. And one such new event that I would have liked to have gone to but was not able to attend, was the Mini Festival at Prescott Hill. This event included not just a static display of cars, but, of course, cars in action on the tricky Prescott Hill climb. One of the MCR members who did go along to this event was Cliff Porter who has written an article recounting some of the highlights of the day to give us an insight into this new event. Sticking with the competition theme and Robert Young has written an article on his first experience of circuit sprinting at the Goodwood race circuit in Chichester. It was club member Ian Hunt who invited Robert to join him and watch both him and professional Mini racer Phil Anning ‘sprinting’ against each other in Ian’s car. If you have never experienced sprinting and are interested in exploring it as a possible motorsport you could participate in, then Robert’s article is a must read. And then we have another article from our regular Technical Topics contributor, Richard Pengelly, who has put together a three-part article on the humble, but rather more complicated than it looks distributor. In his article Richard really gets down to the nitty gritty of this small but vital electrical and mechanical part in the first part of his series of articles. Finishing on a slightly sad note and Peter Barker has written an obituary on John Sprinzel who passed away recently at a grand old age. I am sure I don’t have to explain John’s association with the Mini as most people will probably know about that, so all I will just say is that Peter gives us an insight into the man himself. Paul Sulma Editor CooperWorld  

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