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  Welcome to the 400th edition of the club magazine! By way of recognition of this significant anniversary, Don Farr, a long standing member of the MCR, has written about the history and development of the club’s magazine, from its humble beginnings, to the glossy full colour periodical it is now, in his very own ‘Don’s Ramblings’ column. Then our honorary president, Mike Cooper, has written an article for this special edition, and it’s a nice coincidence that we are also celebrating the launch of the Mini Cooper unbelievably 60 years ago this year! Of course, if it was not for Mike’s father, John Cooper, persuading BMC to produce the Mini Cooper all those years ago, then there would probably never have been a club such as the MCR. And it’s great that it seems we will now be able to celebrate the Mini Cooper’s anniversary at our National Mini Day at Beaulieu on the 13th June, Covid restrictions permitting. We also have articles from two of our honorary members, Brian Culcheth and Mike Wood respectively. Brian has written an affectionate tribute to his long time former navigator and close friend Johnstone Syer who sadly passed away recently. Then Mike Wood has written an interesting article about his experiences on the 1967 Tour de Corse Rally, and unusually for him, not in a Mini for a change. He also touches on a very pivotal individual to the BMC Competitions Department namely, Norman Higgins, who helped behind the scenes to make the Competitions Department the successful team that it became. Finally, Peter Barker has followed up his interview with… John Brigden article in last month’s edition with an interview with… article relating to Tom Seal. Tom was a somewhat unwelcome rival for the publicity that John Brigden was trying to generate for Rover in 1994 by entering a Rover Mini Cooper in the 1994 Monte Carlo Rally. So, Peter’s interview with… Tom Seal article gives us Tom’s side of the story of this rather unfortunate and acrimonious event for both parties.   Paul Sulma  Editor CooperWorld

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