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Cooper 70th Prescott 30 July (2 replies)

Peter Moss
4 years ago
Peter Moss 4 years ago

Cooper 70th Prescott 30 July
Peter Moss
4 years ago
Peter Moss 4 years ago

The organisers have issued the following release:
We have now created a class on our database called ‘Invited Minis incorporating DEWS Speed Championship' this is Class 10. As per the SR's it is for members of the Bugatti Owners Club, the 500 Owners Association, BARC and the Cooper Car Club, the cost to enter is £110. For any members (not) in the DEWS Speed Championship whom are not members of any of these clubs then the cost to enter will be £120 which includes Day Membership. I hope that this information will help you in your quest to get more entries.
Should anyone need to contact our scruitineers for help or advice in preparation of their car, may I suggested that they contact either:
Martin Ford
mobile: 07909 994657
David Boyles
mobile: 07778 952825”
Prescott are keen to get more Minis entered with a closing date of 12th July. It should be a great day for competitors in Minis.
Could you spread the word please as when I spoke to the Kessels on Sunday I think the DEWS people will be at Wiscombe.
3 paddock displays - 1964 Monte cars (not just Minis); Mini Rally Cars, Mini Race Cars.
Reserved parking area for spectators in Orchard Car Park who buy advance tickets and get pass from Prescott direct.

4 years ago
STEVE H. 4 years ago

I have been a member of the MCR for over 20 yrs & have been competing in Motorsport for 45 yrs . I have always supported every club i have been a member of , on occasions a choice has to be made & on the 30th / 31st July like the Kessels i shall be competing along with 8 others in the DEWS class at Wiscombe Park hillclimb in 2 events over the 2 days motorsport at a total cost of only [b:262f79lo]£150.00[/b:262f79lo] very good value for money & it supports a round of the British Hillclimb championship! That weekend is also a DEWS Championship round at Prescott on Sat 30th July with a cost of [b:262f79lo]£120 [/b:262f79lo] i know of one MCR/DEWS member who has entered to date all being well he will be joined by others for this historic event , the MCR runs an award scheme within the DEWS Speed Championship to promote the MCR in speed events, there are registered competition members within the MCR - Your club is supporting you -[b:262f79lo] so come on MCR members in return support your club [/b:262f79lo] more details of the MCR award scheme see[b:262f79lo] [/b:262f79lo]

photo : Stuart Samson the DEWS 2016 Competition secretary being presented with a MCR award cheque last year at the presentation evening by Tony Salter

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