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gearchange (6 replies)

Rob G
2 years ago
Rob G 2 years ago

My gearchange is very sloppy side to side. How can I correct this? Thank you.

Mini fan

2 years ago
Daz1968 2 years ago

Is it remote or rod change,
Either way I would look for play in linkages first,

Tony S
2 years ago
Tony S 2 years ago

As Daz says, very much dependant on which type of change.

2 years ago
mgb 2 years ago

If it is just side to side and it is the cast remote type remote or pre-remote , then there is a good chance that the linkage on the top of the diff is turning on the spline - hopefully the pinchbolt will just need tightening

2 years ago
ROLI 2 years ago

This is my last ever post on the use it well. First of all check that the neoprene sleeve is ok, just take off the gearlever gaiter and undo the two screws (that should have been allan keys not flat screw). There are two types of neoprene bush. (just make sure its not completely broken or looks like a donkeys ass!) If that looks ok, get underneath the car (jack it up first) and take out the big 3" grommet. Make sure the bolt is tight and theres no play on the spleens. Now it gets interesting... You need a mate, or ask your missus to get in the car while youre under it (put the car on stands cos she may be tempted to kill you). ask her(him) to move the gear stick left & right as you hold the arm that comes out of the gearbox. If you sense no loose play, the problem is in the bush on the remote. If this is still all tight, its a gearbox out excercise as its in the internals.
So bye bye guys... enjoy the it is....I miss the old one...but ho hum, that was taken away from us...just like a lost girlfriend. R

2 years ago
floormanager 2 years ago

Good advice as ever Roli.
All the best

Rob G
1 year ago
Rob G 1 year ago

Thank you, all.

Mini fan

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