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The 2018 Monte Carlo Rally Historique (1 reply)

9 months ago
mgb 9 months ago

The 2018 Monte Carlo Rally Historique is resurrecting the route that the event took in the 1960’s as part of a commemorative programme.
The run is starting in Glasgow at the end of January and on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 1st it is passing through BANBURY where there will be a lunch halt and passage control before travelling south to the coast and then onto Monte Carlo meeting up on the way with other competitors from throughout Europe.

As part of the spectacle for the day the Council and event organisers are looking to have a display of classic cars from the era although notable cars of any age would be welcome. The display if free and will be open to the public to wander round admiring the vehicles and perhaps reminiscing on the cars they used to own.

The competitive cars range from 1955 to 1980.

It is hoped to have everyone in place by 09.30 with the competitors arriving around 11.30 and the first car leaving the control at 13.30. The day should be over by 14.30.

8 months ago
colinh 8 months ago

Video of the Banbury podium here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8UNhU9be1Q - mini at 10 mins

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