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Mini Marcos (38 replies)

Graham Bichard
3 years ago
Graham Bichard 3 years ago

Mini Marcos

Graham Bichard
1 year ago
Graham Bichard 1 year ago

mgb, as has been pointed out to me I've put the release bearing back in the wrong way around.

Now looks like this:


I'm just hoping this alone will solve the problem when I've got it back together!

Tony S
1 year ago
Tony S 1 year ago

That's got to be the answer.  Looks very good, I find myself quite envious.......

Graham Bichard
1 year ago
Graham Bichard 1 year ago

Well, after 7 years of ownership I'very fibally driven my car!

Sort of - reversed out of the garage and forward back in. No throttle cable at the minute, but it works 😊

Graham Bichard
1 year ago
Graham Bichard 1 year ago

Swapped the 52mm Burlen TB over from the mini today:


Unfortunately the bonnet won't close with the airbox fitted (neither with a K&N) so I'll need to find another solution:



Then moved onto the remaining interior panels.  I covered the companion bins in foam and suede and made a template for the rear side panels:



Graham Bichard
1 year ago
Graham Bichard 1 year ago

I used the remnants of the carpet I had to make the panels:



Only the wheel arches to cover now on the interior.

I also fitted the front panel.  I'm not too happy with the fit of this but it's not uncommon to have this protruding slightly, looking at other cars:


Graham Bichard
1 year ago
Graham Bichard 1 year ago

More progress this week:






Need to save up now for the IVA test, Registration, MoT, Road Tax etc.

Almost there...

Graham Bichard
3 weeks ago
Graham Bichard 3 weeks ago

Okay, so IVA is booked for mid October (having been postponed twice already), I get my arm out of a cast on Tuesday (long story - suffice to say I've now sold my mini) and I need help with a problem on the MM.

The car won't rev past 3000rpm (and looks/smells to be running rich).  It didn't rev out past 2200-ish initially.  I took it to my local garage who plugged in to a diagnostic tool (not Rover/MEMS specific).  This showed a temperature sender problem which was changed to no avail.  I then had Green & White collect the car (because at this point I'd broken my arm) who tested the fuel pressure, discovered it low so rerouted the fuel pipe to remove restrictions and tell me the car revved out okay before returning it, but the first chance I got to run the car up it was suffering the same restriction but at slightly higher revs (now appears to hit a limiter at ~3100rpm).

I've changed the plug leads in case they're, I don't know - excessive resistance, electrical interference (and I had a new set).  Plugs too because they were looking fouled (which makes me think it's running rich).  I swapped over the inlet manifold air control valve with the one on the mini.  Also sensor for air intake temp (with no change).

So - anyone got any ideas what the problem could be?  Is there a limp home mode on the Rover MEMS that only shows up on the Rover diagnostics?  Could it be crankshaft/camshaft sensor related?  (Car starts and seems to run okay until it hits this 'limit'.

I've asked this question on another forum ( ) and had no joy.  I'm hoping someone on here might have experienced the same/similar problem and be able to advise what the problem is.

I'm still going to try and put the car in for the test if I haven't got this problem .  At least then I'll have a more definitive list of things that need to be addressed (I know of a few things already which I'll see if I can tackle once the cast is off!)

Thanks in advance.

2 weeks ago
surfblue63 2 weeks ago



Could it be a blocked fuel filter or tank outlet as it sounds like a lack of fuel. 

But also check the tightness of all sensors in-case one if suffering vibration.



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